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Round 9: Rejected Princesses, La Malinche by Arimus79 Round 9: Rejected Princesses, La Malinche by Arimus79
This is for Round 9 of the model challenge being held by :iconallyvania88: of :icondesignloverschall: in which everyone was assigned  a historical figure from the "Rejected Princesses" series by Jason Porath. (More info about them can be found here. ) I was given Malinche, "The Maligned Woman of Mexico". (And this is the picture of her I was provided: )  Because I had never heard of her, I did some basic googling and read up on her (mostly at Wikipedia, but I found a few other interesting sources too) and soon found out that I had, in fact, heard of her.  *LOL*  She is known by many various names, but the one I'd actually heard before was Doña Marina, the native woman whom Cortes had used as an interpreter during his conquest of what is mostly present-day Mexico.  I soon found out much more about her than the minor footnote that had appeared in my various Social Studies text-books over the years.  Originally, she had been born to a minor ruler in an area somewhat between the Aztec and Mayan Empires, and after her father's death her mother remarried, and "somehow" after the birth of her half-brother, she wound up being secretly given-over to slavers who took her to the Tobasco region.  She lived there for many years until the Spanish Conquistadors arrived and began trying to take-over everything in sight. After the locals lost to the Spanish in battle, they gifted them 20 slave women, one of whom was this girl (who's name was Malinalli at the time) who soon became a valuable interpreter as she knew her native Nahuatl language as well as the local Mayan.  She was also kept as Cortes' concubine more or less, and at some point bore him a son.  Later on, he gave her to another Spanish man to marry, and she had a daughter by him.  She figures prominently in any of the lore of that time dealing with the Spanish conquest, as she was the primary interpreter between the Spanish and the natives.  For this reason, she was often looked-upon as a traitor and her name is still reviled in many circles in Mexico to this day, although some more recently have been trying to represent her in the light of a woman caught-up by forces beyond her control.  (And honestly, from what I was able to find-out about her, I don't see how she had a lot of choices.  Her own family threw her out when she became an "inconvenience" and then the Mayan people she ended up with gave her (and several other woman) as "gifts" to these new conquerors.)  

In any event, as far as the assignment went, I did the best I could to represent the outfit she was shown wearing. I had to completely build the long poncho-type garment from scratch, though I was able to adapt the long pants into something resembling a straight skirt.  As for the design... yeah. It's really hard to do straight-lines with this program unless I wanted to take another 2 or 3 days to do them one flat-drop at a time... which I didn't want to do. *LOL* So, I took a few artistic liberties with the design, but overall I think it looks nice.  At least her hair-style and accessories were easy to do.  As always, feedback is both welcome and appreciated.  

As for Crystal herself, even though her specific area of study is mineralogy, I do think she would find Malinche's story interesting, and she would probably find it fun to dress-up as her for... um... oh! For a special "Kids' Day" at the museum she works at, where the various staff members dress up as historical figures and give talks to the school children about that figure and what they did.   

 Other participants in the challenge:
1 - bigpinkbow197 - Pyrokinesis
2 - liz-blizz - Plant Manipulation
3 - CatWoman-cali-onyx - Replication
4 - Sonicgirl141 - Ice Manipulation
5 - MasterOf4Elements - Enhanced Roar
6 - Arimus79 - Wing Manifestation (me)
7 - msbrit90 - Telekinesis
8 - Winry88 - Hell Fire Manipulation
9 - MilleniumHopeArtist - Shapeshifting
10 - allyvania88 - Metal Manipulation and Magnetism
11 - Winry88 - Magic
12 - Daughterofthehunt10 - Hydrokinesis
13 - Arrelline - Weather Manipulation
14 - TheSilentNeko - Earth Mimicry
15 - Life-Of-The-Machine - Yin Yang Manipulation
16 - LavenderSeaFairy - Electricity Manipulation
17 - Rai-Knightshade - Light Manipulation
18 - IndyGirl89 - Invisibility
19 - flowerpower71 - Enhanced Speed
20 - Snowshi - Enhanced Durability
21 - DarkQueen013 - Enhanced Agility and a retractable Monkey Tail
22 - Sonicgirl141 - Air Manipulation
23 - DarkQueen013 - Enhaced Senses
24 - MadastheHatter27 - Super Strength
25 - GingerDancer - Nothingness Manipulation
26 - Daughterofthehunt10 - Enhanced Flexibility and Reflexes .. Power Absorbtion and a 4th Wall Breaker
27 - xoxserenityxx - Portal Manipulation
28 - Daughterofthehunt10 - Bionic Physiology
29 - FictionLover987 - Illusion Manipulation
30 - flowerpower71 - Elasticity

Made using the Snow Queen Scene-Maker… at Azalea's Dress-up Dolls.

The original picture is copyrighted by Jason Porath, author of the "Rejected Princesses" series.  This is just for fun anyway and I get no money from doing this.
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msbrit90 Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
you did an amazing job creating this outfit, it looks perfect
and the designs are beautiful! 
xxZyraxx Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2017
She looks beautiful!
Arrelline Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2017
You did an excellent work with the shapes and patterns! Such a nice doll :).
Eolewyn1010 Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2017
Awesome dress, she looks stunning!
Nelyasun Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
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